What’s The Best Time Lapse Camera Resolution For Long-Term Construction Projects?

Photographers need to consider a few essential things in selecting the right time lapse camera system to shoot construction projects. You’ll see that several camera options offer pretty comprehensive features. But whatever is your purpose for shooting a construction time lapse, it’s crucial to choose a unit that can provide precise and high-quality results. If you use a camera that does not do well in any of these elements, you’ll probably be wasting substantial time and money.

How to Adjust The Basic Time Lapse Camera Components

For starters, you have to determine the length of time it would take to finish the construction, whether it’s going to be a large or small project. 

Many people interested in taking long-term time lapse shoots might not know the proper camera settings to apply. So, let’s try to break it down.

Using the time lapse feature allows you to capture a series of still images that documents the entire construction project. The key here is adjusting the correct time lapse interval that will allow you to achieve desired coverage. 

You can also manually adjust other camera settings to make it suitable for long-term construction time lapse. By doing this, you will have complete control not only of the interval settings but as well as extending the battery life and monitoring the storage system. These settings ensure that you’re recording and storing the entire project data.

Recommended Time Lapse Camera Resolution: 4K Ultra HD Quality

To get the best image quality without spending extra, you should consider getting a 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) time lapse camera. These cameras offer some pretty impressive features to help ensure that you capture incredible image resolutions. 

A 4K time lapse camera is ideal for capturing excellent construction shoots to communicate the right message you want to share to your audience and clients. Using a high-resolution camera that records at a high frame rate is essential for anyone working in this industry. 

With a premium time lapse camera, you can capture amazing shots and create a stunning timeline while still preserving the subject’s angle and fluidity.

Another great advantage of a 4K time lapse camera for construction is that you can also edit and crop the images/videos without damaging the resolution. This means that you can trim a specific timeline and then create a separate compilation from the same subject but framed differently. 


Set a goal of the outcome you want to achieve in a particular project and be informed of the features you need for a construction time lapse shoot. Once you know that, you will figure out which options are best suited for you. When choosing a time lapse camera system, there is nothing more valuable than knowing that it will provide you with quality that meets your project requirements.

As long as you have a good amount of creativity and the right equipment, you can use a time lapse camera for construction and ensure that you capture the perfect images. Take the time to check out what’s available on the market before making your final decision, as there is an incredible range of options you can find.

The Esther Hicks Book Review

The Last Paradise is the first Esther Hicks novel I have read. I found myself engrossed in it from start to finish, even though I normally have trouble with “thin” novels. It was different; this was different. I don’t usually like romance stories, but this one kept me reading throughout.

You might think a story about a young girl who gets married and lives happily ever after would be predictable and boring, but it isn’t. Esther Hicks has you glued to her rousing tale of a good girl gone bad, of a man who can’t live with his feelings and wishes for love to go away, and of a family who must learn to deal with their differences or else face a violent future. This book reads as an entertaining story, which is just how she writes. Her characters are likeable, intriguing, and believable.



The Last Paradise picks up shortly after we enter the book and find our heroine at a spa where she is to get some new clothes. While she is trying on different clothes, her mother calls to tell her about a man who is selling something to a store in town. Esther gets very nervous and whips out her book, wanting to know what it is. The man leaves the store without offering any information, so she puts her doubts to rest.

Several days later, while at home, she finds a note on the mirror. It leads her to a mysterious man named Alex, who asks her to help him find his daughter’s killer. This turns out to be more than just a run-of-the-mill case of mistaken identity; it is the beginning of a dreadful crime that will have multiple victims. And Esther is more than ready to fight for justice.

After the first couple of chapters, I wanted to rip my eyes out. Esther is such a strong lead character, and she draws the reader into her world. Her description of her surroundings and the secrets surrounding her foster family add a depth to her character that readers aren’t usually given the chance to develop. Her emotional rollercoaster is thrilling. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

I read the entirety of this book in one day. If you are not someone who likes to read many books, then you may want to skip this one. However, if you are a reader who loves good stories, then you will enjoy this book immensely. If you are looking for a dark and twisted twist on the life story of a young girl, then I would highly recommend this one to you. I would love to hear what you think of this book.