Legally Preparing For A Divorce

Divorce rates are higher than ever before,and there is little doubt that facing the big ‘D’ can be one of life’s most stressful challenges. Divorce is not only stressful emotionally,but also financially. While many people struggle with starting over again on their own,there are resources in place to help when it comes time to start legally preparing for a divorce.

Child Custody

Divorces are about money and children (if they are involved). When it comes to deciding on custody,this is a decision best made by the parents,but in some cases,mediation is needed to determine what is truly best for the children. Mediation involves an impartial service where the goal is to mediate between the couple to agree on a resolution regarding child custody. Discussing expectations between the couple is an important aspect of deciding on child custody.

Asset Division

As the other big aspect of divorce,assets division can be tedious and overwhelming. When you are facing a divorce,this is a good time to go over all the financials. Start collecting financial documents you will need such as taxes and notices of assessment,income information of both parties,spending records,and lists of any debts and assets.

As the family home is usually the largest asset shared,be sure that everything is up to date with your mortgage and double-check whose name is on it.

Hiring aalimony

When it comes time to legally prepare for a divorce,the single best way to accomplish this is to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer who specializes in family law. They will guide you through the entire process and give you a list of necessary documents and the process of filing applications with the court. Yourlawyer will help calculate potential child and spousal support payments so you can start planning on how best to move forward.